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Sur Toute La Ligne (greek poster)

Sur Toute La Ligne

Lauren, a Paris-based reporter, is shocked to learn that her childhood friend, Tom, a researcher for a big pharmaceutical company, has died of a morphin overdose. With help from Kaylee, Edith and Evelyn, Lauren sets on …

Couverture - Sortie d'Usine #0

Sortie d’Usine

THKstudio was involved in the creation of “Sortie d’Usine” magazine from the very beginning. We created the logo, visual identity, the layout of the first printed issue and the website, as well as contributing editorial …

Option Théâtre - Affiche Saison 2012

Option Théâtre – Lfh ED

From 2009 to 2012, THKstudio worked closely with the Theatrical Department, branded as “Option Théâtre” of the Lycée Franco-hellénique d’Athènes Eugène Delacroix. We created a distinctive visual identity, including designing the new logo as well …

Cinq (Web Poster)


Five people are gathered in a flat. What could they possibly be waiting for, so anxiously? Staring out the window, eager for what’s to come, they wait for it. The slow wait for the end of …