Sur Toute La Ligne (greek poster)

Sur Toute La Ligne

Lauren, a Paris-based reporter, is shocked to learn that her childhood friend, Tom, a researcher for a big pharmaceutical company, has died of a morphin overdose. With help from Kaylee, Edith and Evelyn, Lauren sets on a journey to uncover the truth surrounding his death, chased across the streets of Paris by those who don’t want their secrets revealed.

The title in Greek is “Ως Το Κόκκαλο” and in English the movie is known as “Hook, Line & Sinker”.

  • Sur Toute La Ligne (greek poster)
  • STLL - Still 6 - Everything Is Going To Be OK
  • STLL - Still 5 - Looking For Clues
  • STLL - Still 4 - Repaying Favors
  • STLL - Still 3 - Followed To The Metro
  • STLL - Still 2b - Chase In Montmartre
  • STLL - Still 2 - Chase In Montmartre
  • STLL - Still 1 - Above The Blue Trains
  • STLL - Still 7 - Were You Followed?

A&G Films Media Entertainment

in collaboration with

a film by
Théo Koutsaftis

produced by
Antigoni Gavriatopoulou
Théo Koutsaftis
Pierre-Jérôme Coulmin

co-produced by
Georges Katris
Myrto Theodoraki
Yiannis Charalampopoulos

Yiannis Charalampopoulos
Théo Koutsaftis

Yiannis Charalampopoulos

french adaptation
Marie-Laure Coulmin


Théo Koutsaftis

costume & set design
Marie-Laure Coulmin

Myrto Karra

sound design & mixing
Kostas Varybopiotis

Cyril Levy
Artemis Korniliou

color correction
Spyros Pagonis

line producer
Perrine Louati

unit production manager
Xenofon Koutsaftis

Myrto Theodoraki
Maša Burgić
Amélie Ayadi
Clémence Miquel
Marianne Millet
Florian Miguel
Teddy Bogaert
Pierre-Jérôme Coulmin
Zafer Mala
Nicolas Ladame
Gaëtan Rivière
Germain Kaeten
Franck Pattein
Clément Lefebvre
Ariane Koutsaftis

camera operators
Robert Tran
Nafsika Koskinas
Germain Kaeten

key grip
Antoine Garnier

assistant sound
Zafer Mala

Pierre-Jérôme Coulmin

location managers
Olia Verroiopoulou
Renée Zachariou
Ariane Koutsaftis
Dimitra Podara

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